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David Brearley completed his formal education at Oxford University and spent his early career with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in the financial services group based in London. From 1982 until 1998, David held CIO positions at a large Lloyds insurance broker, the capital markets subsidiary of Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS) and Standard Chartered Bank which he joined in 1988 as one of the new management team recruited to 'rescue the bank' from its poor state.

At Standard Chartered, he down-sized the bank's substantial IT department in the UK, using these funds to develop a new standard IT infra-structure across Asia - the focus for the bank's business development in the 1990s. He brought in regional and global control of IT to replace the previous country structures; then reorganized the bank' core banking systems into product groups, handing control to the business managers responsible for P&L performance.

Separately he created a global IT Services group that he then outsourced to a consortium of technology companies - the first major financial service outsourcing in Asia. These changes supported a major revenue increase at modest cost growth and helped in a substantial re-rating of the bank's shares.

After 10 years working for Standard Chartered, David decided to retire from corporate life and spend more time in advising bank CEOs and CIOs on how to use technology better and ensure that technology investments deliver improved business performance.

As well as managing two 'dot-com' companies and advising a global software company on SOA implementation, David has done consulting engagements advising the CEOs of a large FSI company in the USA and a large bank in Singapore, developing IT strategy for a bank in Singapore. Working with Soo Ching, he developed the operations and technology plan for a new SME bank in Thailand and has focused on the delivery of the technology solution for distribution and Basel II risk applications. He is a frequent speaker at industry technology events.
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